A cooking secret from Heat and Eat

One of our favorite foods ( my secret ingredient) to cook with is Non Fat plain Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has a ton of health benefits. Good for your bones(calcium), high in Protein, probiotics, vitamin B-12, lowers blood sugar just to name a few. It actually does even more. One cup of Non fat Greek yogurt is only 120 calories, 0 fat and low in sugar and sodium. Here at Heat and Eat we substitute Greek yogurt for dishes that call for sour cream and cream. We use it to make our dressings, sauces and replaces oil in our marinades. It is a great addition to add creaminess to a dish, and you don’t even realize it’s Greek yogurt. if you are looking to cut unnecessary calories ( not all calories are bad!), lower fat intake and get a boost of protein and vitamins, go grab yourself a tub of Greek yogurt! Or order from us knowing you are getting all the good benefits from our meals. 😊


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