Eating healthy does not mean bland food!

To many people feel for food to be healthy, it must be bland. That is So far from truth! There are so many healthy ways to add an amazing flavor boost to your foods, that just add a few extra minutes to your cooking. Here are some of the ways we do it at Heat and Eat. 1. First onions and garlic. Don’t ever skimp on these. If you take the time to slowly sauté them to a beautiful Carmel color you get all the taste with out the bite. They become sweet and nutty and enhance your food. 2. Spices and herbs. Dried herbs, buy the best you can afford. It makes a difference. Take time to rub in your fingers before throwing in the pot. Experiment with flavors, be adventurous. Cooking should be fun! Fresh herbs are a must for me. We grow our own here, but there are plenty of fresh herb options in stores. Save them for the end of cooking and sprinkle on top. It will take Your dish to next level!

3. I feel to many ignore this flavor enhancer. Fresh lemon, lime, orange will brighten your flavors and enhance. Use fresh! The zest of citrus is a common flavor addition in my foods. Adds a subtle flavor that you definitely should try. 4. Healthy oils. Not all fats are bad for you! Our body needs healthy fats. Using a variant of oils like Olive, avocado, coconut, nut oils. Add their own distinct flavors. 5. Cheese! Okay yes we have to do moderation here. Buy cheese in blocks, and grating them yourself makes ALL the difference. The flavor is much richer and you will need less of it. A little fresh cheese sprinkled on top of your dish adds so much flavor and very little calories. Use cheeses with lots of flavor like, parmesan, Asiago, Goat cheese, Feta, Fresh mozzarella.

So no more Bland healthy food! Eat good food, that tastes delicious ❤️


Tracy and John

Heat and Eat

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